Our Values

Honesty, Integrity and Sound Judgment

Honesty, integrity and sound judgment of our employees, directors and officers is essential to Addvantage Technologies Group’s reputation and success.

Addvantage has long believed in the importance of sound corporate governance as a critical factor in achieving business success and supporting shareholder interests. The Board of Directors is fully committed to best practices in corporate governance in the fulfillment of its responsibilities to shareholders and to oversee the work of management and the Company’s business results

Outstanding Customer Service and Satisfaction

Without great customers that love the services and products that we provide we couldn’t sustain or grow our business. Providing a great Customer Experience and ensuring repeat business is what drives our employees and makes us a better company. That means we must provide excellent quality of workmanship and customer service in order to provide that high level of customer experience.

Employee Safety and Well-Being

Our goal as Management is to ensure that every employee is treated like an equal member of the team. Their experience, opinion and performance make this company a better place to work and create an optimum environment for all of us to serve our Customers. It is our duty to provide them with the very best in Safety training and equipment while performing their work. We also must provide the benefits, time off and training that encourages them to stay with our company and encourage their friends to join as well.