About us

Addvantage Technologies Group (through our subsidiaries) builds and upgrades wireless networks while distributing new and refurbished equipment to the telecommunications industry for core and enterprise networks. Addvantage also offers repair and recycling services to the industries it serves.

As 5G and LTE expand, Addvantage has invested in foundational elements via Fulton Technologies which provides program management and technicians to upgrade to the latest wireless technologies. We offer best-in-class site acquisition, installation, integration and maintenance services for the largest network operators in the country with the ability to scale to our customer’s needs. While we specialize in all types of macro, specialty and temporary sites, we also have a broad range of experience with small cell deployments. We proudly help our customers design, lease, permit, build and optimize world-class wireless networks. Our work enables incredibly fast network deployments insuring end-user and subscriber experience is maintained and improved.

Through our subsidiaries Nave Communications and Triton Datacom, we offer a broad range of new telecommunication network products, we sell surplus-new and refurbished equipment that we purchase in the market as a result of network upgrades or an overstock in OEM warehouses. We maintain one of the industry’s largest inventories of new and refurbished equipment, which allows us to expedite delivery of products to our customers. We continue to upgrade our new product offerings to stay in the forefront of the communications broadband technology revolution, especially for optical and IP based networks.

We offer to our telecommunications customers decommissioning services for surplus and obsolete equipment, which we in turn process through our R2 certified recycling program. Our repair services span the majority of all major brands of network equipment and over 10,000 product SKU’s.