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ADDvantage Technologies Group Media / Style Guide

This document contains the coporate style and identity system for all of ADDvantage Technologies Group.  It illustrates the proper use of logos, seals, and the company name.  And, it contains the policy and procedure, which must be adhered to when developing or designing any printed, published, or visual materials which convey the image of the company.


Adherence to the guidelines is essential to ensure that ADDvantage Technologies Group is consistenly presented in a legally and visually correct manner.  The ADDvantage Technologies Media Group will assist you with the proper uses of logos, seals and all official company image items.

To download ADDvantage Technologies Group Style Guide, please click on the Style Cover to the right of this page.  To view this file you will need Acrobat Reader - click the Adobe icon below if you need a free version of Acrobat Reader.

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Misc. Downloads

The following files are offered for customers of ADDvantage Technologies Group Companies.